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What can a Product Designer do for you?

As a product designer, I wear many hats! My objective is to solve your business's problem visually! The umbrella of services can be vast but every designer has their own creative MAGIC! 


Mines is giving your brand a voice through visual elements like logo and web design and then embedding business strategies to amplify your business. 


As a graphic designer I am a visual problem solver and my gift is to bring more beauty into the world! 

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The Details

Working with a graphic designer helps your business grow! 84% of communication for businesses is visual and 8 seconds is the average person's attention span! So creating visual elements for marketing your business is vital! Working with a graphics designer gives you the 3 "S's":

iconmonstr-check-mark-6-240 (2).png
iconmonstr-check-mark-6-240 (2).png
iconmonstr-check-mark-6-240 (2).png

This increases your sales and attracts and keeps customers interested.

Saves You Money
Saves You Time
Strengthens your Brand

Creates cohesiveness and professional representation to attract your ideal client/ customer.


Show your company's personality and make a lasting impression!

Meet Nakia Reine

Nakia Queen; Nakia Reine

Hi! I'm the founder and designer behind Third Anchor Design Studio. I am located in Maryland working with clients around the world thanks to the power of the internet! You can usually find me up at 5 am designing by candlelight, and a herbal coffee in hand! (check out my daily Instagram stories) 


Third Anchor was created out of a natural desire to solve problems visually! With a degree in fashion and working nights and evenings alongside my 9 to 5, having a creative outlet kept me on the path of my North Star! You will see the star is my logo because it reminds me to stay focused on my life's purpose! 


Over the past 6 years, I’ve worked with small business owners, start-ups, and non-profits to amplify their digital voice through brand identity and web design. ​

I’ve enjoyed working with different businesses and bringing their projects to life! And these businesses have become lifelong clients as we expand there brand and design finger print!

If you're ready to brand your amazing business or create a website that embodies your brand let's talk about it!

Ready to Work Together? 

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