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Breaking Barriers

Industry: Personal Fitness

Role in Project: Web Design 

Time Constraints: 6 weeks


Breaking Barriers is a reputable personal training company specializing in 1:1 at-home training, stretch therapy, and fitness coaching. With a target audience of women aged 35 and older, they offer personalized fitness solutions to help individuals achieve their wellness goals.


The primary objective of this project is to refresh and modernize the Breaking Barriers website to enhance user experience, showcase their services effectively, and attract new clients. The redesign aims to reflect the brand's energy, professionalism, and commitment to empowering individuals on their fitness journeys.


The website template design should include the following features:

  • Website Redesign: Third Anchor Design will revamp the existing Breaking Barriers website to incorporate modern design elements, improve usability, and ensure compatibility across devices.

  • Visual Enhancement: The redesign will focus on incorporating vibrant imagery that resonates with Breaking Barriers' target audience, highlighting their services such as nutritional coaching, personalized training, and stretch therapy.

  • Color Palette Update: A refreshed color palette will be introduced, aligning with Breaking Barriers' brand identity while infusing energy and vibrancy to the website.

  • Layout Optimization: The layout will be optimized for intuitive navigation, with clear sections for services, testimonials, before-and-after transformations, and event information.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: The website will be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

  • Integration of Multimedia: Third Anchor Design will integrate multimedia elements, including embedded videos from YouTube, to enhance engagement and provide valuable content to visitors.


Light mode Mood-100.jpg

The mood board for Breaking Barriers serves as a dynamic visual representation of the brand's essence, encapsulating the vibrant energy and excitement of working out while showcasing the diversity of clients and the core importance of nutrition. It acts as a blueprint not only for the brand's identity but also for the website's design and development. The selected imagery, ranging from diverse workouts to highlighting additional services like stretch therapy, spills over seamlessly into the website build, ensuring a cohesive online experience that resonates with visitors.

This integration of the mood board's elements into the website's design reflects Breaking Barriers' commitment to providing a personalized 1-on-1 service that caters to clients of all ages and backgrounds. It conveys the unique experience of Breaking Barriers while emphasizing its holistic approach to wellness. By incorporating these elements into the website, Breaking Barriers aims to create an engaging and inclusive online platform that mirrors the energy, inclusivity, and versatility of its services, ultimately empowering individuals on their fitness journeys.



Breaking Barriers' Style Guide unveils the strategic use of vibrant colors and dynamic typography that resonate with theri target audience and encapsulate the essence of the brand. The carefully curated color palette, including bright neon yellow (#FFB500), deep purple (#8200FF), bright neon green (#00FF00), and ash black (#F4F4F4), reflecting their energetic and empowering approach to fitness. In addition, the typography choices of Raleway, Lora, and Montserrat demonstrate our commitment to modernity, readability, and versatility, making Breaking Barriers stand out in the competitive fitness landscape. 

Artboard 27 copy 3.png
Artboard 27.png
Artboard 27 copy 2.png
Artboard 27 copy.png

Color Palette:

Breaking Barriers' custom and strategic color palette, designed to evoke specific emotions and resonate with their audience on a deeper level. Our choice of vibrant colors such as bright neon yellow, deep purple, and bright neon green isn't arbitrary; it's rooted in psychology and brand strategy.

  • Bright Neon Yellow: This color symbolizes energy, optimism, and vitality, perfectly aligning with our mission to inspire and motivate individuals on their fitness journeys. It captures attention and creates a sense of excitement, encouraging action and engagement.

  • Deep Purple: Representing creativity, luxury, and empowerment, deep purple adds a touch of sophistication to our brand. It conveys a sense of ambition and strength, resonating with clients who are determined to break through barriers and achieve their goals.

  • Bright Neon Green: The vibrant green hue signifies growth, health, and harmony. It reflects our commitment to holistic wellness and underscores the transformative nature of our services. It's an inviting color that promotes balance and positivity.

  • Ash Black: Acting as a grounding element, ash black provides a sense of stability, professionalism, and timelessness. It anchors our vibrant palette and adds contrast, ensuring readability and visual balance across all platforms.

This thoughtful selection of colors isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating an emotional connection with the audience, instilling trust, and conveying the values and aspirations of Breaking Barriers. ey contribute to the overall success of our visual branding strategy.


Breaking Barriers employs a combination of typefaces to create a harmonious and engaging visual experience. The primary typeface used is Raleway, chosen for its modern and sleek appearance. For body text and paragraphs, Lora is utilized, providing a balanced and readable font style. Montserrat complements the typography as a secondary typeface, adding versatility and a contemporary feel. Lora takes the spotlight as the main text for headings, ensuring a bold and impactful presentation of key information.

By adhering to this color palette and typography selection, Breaking Barriers maintains a consistent and energetic brand identity across all visual elements, from website design to marketing materials, reinforcing its commitment to empowering individuals on their fitness journeys.








Disclaimer: Please note that once projects are completed, clients have the ability to adjust, modify, and refresh the original designs conducted by Third Anchor Design Studio. While we strive to provide our clients with designs that meet their expectations, we understand that changes may need to be made after the project is completed. Therefore, if you notice any differences between the original design and the live link, please refer to this disclaimer and understand that the client has made modifications to the original design. Thank you for your understanding.

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