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Melanin Moms Media


  • 8 weeks


  • UX/ UI Designer is a marketplace for content creators of color, The purpose of Melanin Moms Media is to connect brands, activations, and events, specifically to provide income to mom bloggers and influencers of diverse racial backgrounds and to connect the brands to their target audiences.


As a UX/ UI designer, I worked with the owner to create a website platform that provides a clear mission of Melanin Mom’s Media mission and provides the ability to capture interested candidates and connect them to potential brands. This platform acts as a conduit between the content creator and the targeted brand.


The founder came to me with a mission statement for the business and a goal to attract new candidates to use to acquire/ link them with brands from the company's rosters.  


Problem: Users do not know this type of agency exists!


As a content creator once in the influencers space there were not many markets places that specialized in linking African American creators with specialized brands.


LF & HF Mockups Solutions 1 Resized.png

Create a Visual Fingerprint

  • Create a site that is visually impactful by using colors that excite

  • Simplify the number of pages

  • Make the home page act as a “dashboard” for easy access

Streamline Intake

  • Create intake forms for the 2 types of audiences (Influencers and Brand)

  • Make it “one-click” for easy intake

  • Provide expectations upfront

LF & HF Mockups Solutions 2.png
LF & HF Mockups Solutions 3.png

Make information Digestible

  • Bullet point information for a “quick glance” overview

  • Provide headers to direct the flow

Whitepaper Research

"Females continue to dominate the influencer marketing industry.....

Starting with whitepaper research I was able to gain a better understanding of statistics on race and gender in the influencer space. This helped me understand the demand from the IZEA 2020 report. 

“In the last three years, persons of color have commanded a premium over their Caucasian counterparts, with African Americans making an average of 47% more per post than Caucasians in 2020. Females continue to dominate the influencer marketing industry, receiving 90% of all transaction volume over the past five years.”

Competitive Analysis + The Gap

The competitors didn’t offer a DIVERSE platform.

I chose and compared the three top influencer platforms which have similar services and

business models with Melanin Moms Media, aiming to find out what makes these

platforms stand out, what they may lack, and how to differentiate the Melanin Moms

Media's website.  

I discovered that they all lacked a diverse roster of creators. This became my solution and focus.

Competors Image.png

Compare their visual design, website features, and homepage content

  • Expectations Upfront on the Home page

  • Separation for intake

  • Easy “one-click” features for seamlessness

Condense the USP (unique selling point) of Melanin Mome Media

  • Offering a platform for Brands and Influencers

  • Focus on diverse Females

  • Focus on Brand Connection

Mood Board and Color Story

I created the mood board to capture the look, feel, and voice of the audience. This board helped to communicate with the founder the design direction for the new website concept. 

She loved the earth tones, representation of women of color, and focus on motherhood. I added deep and subtle pink to amp up the femininity of the platform through the color story. 

Melanin Mom Moodboard.png

Final Products

Final layout.png
Web 1920 – 2.png
Web 1920 – 7.png
Web 1920 – 8.png
Influencer Join Page V2..png
Brand Join  Page  V2..png
Web 1920 – 9.png

Conclusion + Lessons Learned

Melanin Mom was an easy project because I could relate to the audience. Creating the layout and coupling this with the understanding of the audience created a platform that spoke directly to their audience. 


The thing I would have changed would have been the following: 

  1. Made this an App: This platform might have lived better as an app. Making it easily accessible via mobile and integrating them through social platforms.

  2. Better Back In Database: Although we streamline the intake process I wish I could have found a better platform to capture data once received in the back-end. 

  3. Community through Forums: I would have loved to explore the option of a membership or community site to build further within the space. This would have attracted non-influencers and overtime might have turned them into content creators with the right messaging provided in the forums. This space could have also served as insight for brands to know what creators were looking for in campaigns. 

For more work inquiries, or to grab a virtual coffee email me at 
Thank you for reading! 

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