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Industry: Real Estate

Time Constraints:

4 weeks (Branding)

6 week (Web design and development)

Role in Project: Brand Identity


Queen Property & Estates is a property management agency specializing in luxury real estate. With a focus on exceptional customer service, they cater to high-end clients looking for premium property management services. The agency is seeking a professional, luxurious, and sophisticated brand identity that accurately reflects its brand values and appeals to its target audience.


  • Develop a brand identity that communicates luxury, professionalism, and sophistication

  • Enhance the presentation of the agency's exceptional services

  • Attract high-end clients through the presentation of the agency's exceptional services

Target audience:

Queen Property & Estates' target audience consists of high-net-worth individuals, luxury property owners, and investors. These clients value luxury, exclusivity, and exceptional service.


  • Brand identity design including logo, color palette, typography, and brand guidelines

  • Design elements for marketing materials such as business cards and brochures


  • Queen Property & Estates is a real estate company that could use a crown logo, which communicates authority and elegance, as well as reflects the company's name.

  • Another option is to incorporate a key into the logo, symbolizing the company's role in unlocking the doors to people's dream homes.

  • Additionally, a monogram logo that creatively features the letters "Q" and "E" can convey the company's sophistication and strength in the industry.

Logo concepts-100.jpg


"Nakia exceeded our expectations with her outstanding work! We were looking for a visual representation of our brand that was subtle yet powerful, and she delivered beyond what we could have imagined. The branding created by Nakia truly captures the essence of our business and conveys it in a visually appealing way."- Queen Property & Estates



Queen Property & Estates is a luxury property management agency that provides exceptional services to high-end clients. The brand values of luxury, sophistication, and professionalism are at the forefront of our services. This style guide outlines the visual identity of Queen Property & Estates and the use of deep blues, touches of gold, and brown color palettes to create the desired brand identity.

Artboard 27 copy-100.jpg
Artboard 27 copy 3-100.jpg
Artboard 27-100.jpg

Color Palette:

To accurately reflect these brand values, a consistent and cohesive visual identity is essential. The color palette consists of deep blues, touches of gold, and brown is a key element of the brand identity.

The deep blue color represents the depth and reliability of the services offered by Queen Property & Estates. The touches of gold represent the luxury and exclusivity of the services provided, while the deep brown color represents the sophistication and professionalism of the brand. These colors are used consistently across all platforms and marketing materials to maintain a cohesive and memorable brand identity.


Queen Property and Estate's typography feature the font Cinzel for headlines and main titles. The secondary font used in the design is Modric, which is typically used for subheadings or secondary text.


Overall, the typography in the design is clean, modern, and professional, conveying a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.





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