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3D Geometric Shapes

The Third Anchor Design Process







Let's get straight to it, how can we work together? 

Brand Identity Design 

Package includes

  • Primary Logo 

  • Brand Mark

  • Brand Pattern

  • Brand Guideline Booklet (PDF File)

  • Competitor Analysis and Market Research

  • Files Include: PNG, JPG, AND SVG (packaged)

Wix Web Design 

Package includes

  • Coming Soon Page

  • Custom website design on 

  • Basic SEO setup 

  • Custom Lightbox/ welcome message

  • A 60-minute walk-through and set-up session 

  • Branded informational Footer Design 

  • Designed and Optimized for mobile Alt page

Looking for something different?

Sometimes it's not easy to know what is needed for your business. Simply complete the inquiry form so we can chat and create a custom package that aligns with your business needs.

Frequiently Asked Questions

Can the packages be personalized? 

Of Course! We would love to hear all about your project. Feel free to reach out and we can structure a package that is more tailored to your specific business needs.

How do you receive payment? Do I have to pay all at once?

All payments are received via credit card or wire transfer through the client portal. Your investment will be split into two equal payments. 50% is required as a downpayment and the remaining 50% is required at the end of the project before the final design files are transferred over.

How will design files be provided? 

Once the project is finalized, you will receive a compressed folder organized with all of your design elements in a variety of file types. There will be guidance provided to help you apply and understand each file type against their use. Upon receipt, full ownership of these files will be transferred over to you.

What if I need, just a logo?

A single logo cannot amplify and showcase the beautiful value and story behind a brand. I believe to make an impact in your space a full branding strategy, complemented with a correlating designed logo and applied through all channels of your business will deliver the best impact and success. Trust me, investing in your branding is worth it! 

What do I need to do before we start?

Designing for others is such a beautiful and collaborative process. For us to be successful there is a small requirement from the client. I need as much information about your business to turn your idea into something visually beautiful! This is where the Design Questionnaire comes in! This questionnaire is very detailed and will require feedback, visual insight and inspiration, and answers that are more than one-liners. The more information provided, the more we can capture your vision! Lastly, all your content (both text and images) is required one week before the start date. A client that delivers on time always receives the best experience and outcome! 

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