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More than pretty designs! We keep your customer in mind with UX design!

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Who Are We?

Third Anchor Design services creative professionals and business owners by providing graphic, web, and brand identity design services. We offer a design experience that's more than pretty imagery! All designs are backed with business strategies and grounded by knowledge in marketing for the best amplification for your company's success! At Third Anchor, you will find a full range of professional design services with a specialty in website design and brand identity.


Brand Identity Design 

Brand Identity Design; Logo Design

Every brand has an identity created through its unique logo, typography, and custom color pallet. To stand apart in your industry you must create a "digital fingerprint"! My brand identity design services differ because we get to know your business mission and your customer and create a brand that embodies the essence of your business!

Wix Web Design 

If you think you don't need a website, you are mistaken. It has been proven that a consumer is less likely to purchase from a business that has a website to represent their goods and service! With this in mind, we specialize in developing landing pages to full-page websites along with refreshing and transferring websites on WIX and other web hosting platforms.

Web Design; Black Media Company

My mission is to solve your business design issues visually! 

Nakia Queen; Nakia Reine

Meet The Designer

Nakia is a brand identity designer with over 6 years of experience. She's best known for her unique custom color palette, gorgeous mood boards, and feminine yet clean designs. 


We don't just make things look pretty, we stabilize them with business strategy and ground them with marketing to speak to your direct maket. 

Non-Profit Organizations
Fashion Companies
Health & Wellness
Beauty & Skincare 
Real Estate Agencies

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What Our Clients Say!!

When I reached out to Nakia I was beyond stressed and overwhelmed. She made branding such a smooth process. She helped ease my anxiety and produced the most beautiful designs that captured my brand's mission! She has a great way of listening and making you feel comfortable with the process. 

Working with Nakia has been amazing! She has helped to re-brand and manage my business seamlessly! In our first 30 days of working together I was able to have my business re-branded, my social platform set-up properly, email marketing infused and I even sold out on my services thanks to her strategies! She's helped to add the proper foundation layers to my business that were needed! Plus she's great to work with!

My experience working with Nakia was such a beautiful one! She has a unique way of approaching design and consulting! She helped me streamline my process and created a website and social media branding that spoke to my business. She is worth investing in! I saw an instant increase in my sales after I launched! 

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